BOSKKE Sky Planter S White


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  • BOSKKE Sky Planter S White
  • BOSKKE Sky Planter S White
  • BOSKKE Sky Planter S White

An innovative upside-down planter for the urban gardener.

Made from recycled plastic, this planter has a reservoir that feeds water gradually to the plant's roots and allows greenery in your home and/or workspace without sacrificing floor space. Plants have been proven to have a positive impact on our health, with benefits such as increasing alertness, productivity and alleviating stress. 

The Sky Planter can house various house plants and vegetables. Simply grow your favorite using standard plant soil.

Some plants that thrive in the Sky Planter include:

Anthurium/Flamingo Flower, Areca Palm, Boston Fern, English Ivy, Geranium, Orchid, Rubber Plant, Strawberry, Syngonium



Sky Planter
Ceiling hook and plastic anchor plug
30cm extension wire
Plastic mesh
Instruction booklet


Height: 13 cm / 5.1 inches
Diameter: 9.5 cm / 3.7 inches
Weight: 0.21 kg / 0.5 lbs
Recycled plastic (polypropylene)

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