(15mm) Mina Perhonen ring vivid

Kamoi Kakoshi

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  • (15mm) Mina Perhonen ring vivid
  • (15mm) Mina Perhonen ring vivid
  • (15mm) Mina Perhonen ring vivid

A versatile decorative tape for giftwrapping, art and craft projects, decorating, pinning up pictures and more, bearing special designs by Mina Perhonen.

mt Masking Tape by Kamoi Kakoshi is made from durable washi (Japanese rice paper) and special non-toxic glue, so it's safe for the kids. The tape is easy to cut and fit onto the object you wish to decorate, and can be used on any clean and dry surface from wood, furniture, walls, metal, glass and even paper without leaving residue when removed.

15mm x 10m

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